There’s Just One of You




Everyone is different,Snapchat-536299961
but no one is the same.

Two people can look at the same painting,
but they would both see different works of art.
Two people can drink the same thing,
but both taste something completely different.

It doesn’t matter what the dictionary says,
words mean something different to every person.
Even though there are absolute and objective facts,
There is no absolute or objective opinion.

Everyone has seen and experienced different things.
No one has seen anything you have.
We all live on the same planet,
but no one lives in the same world as you.

There is only one you.
Everybody is somebody, but somebody is not everybody!
We are all one of a kind.

Even though we are all one of a kind,
why do we feel uncomfortable being ourselves sometimes?
Is it because people are scared someone may not approve of who they are?
Is it because we want to be relatable or fit in?

Everyone is different,
and being different is not something to shame.
Being different is not bad or wrong.
Being different is just unique.
Everyone is unique.

Why do we strive to be both unique and similar?
Why are we even competing?

A flower is beautiful.
A butterfly is beautiful.
One is not more beautiful than the other.
They are not competing to be beautiful.
They are just separately beautiful.

We, as people, feel jealousy towards others.
We feel jealousy when we think someone is more attractive than us,
cooler than us, smarter than us, and more interesting than us.

Just because someone is considered cool,
does not mean you are not cool.
If you know someone very intelligent,
that does not mean that you are not intelligent.
Another pretty person does not mean you are ugly.

No one is less than anyone else.
We are all just different, and isn’t that okay?
Our differences are not blemishes,
they are beauty marks.





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